Monday, April 1, 2013

Canada Pictures!

Yes, I know, it's about time.

So, here's me and Margret dogsledding.  This first picture was right before we switched positions and turned the sleds around -- so it's me (in white) driving the sled (with the next sled right before us -- as we were all sort of waiting in line to turn around).

Then we switched, and I got to relax.

From there, I enjoyed the scenery -- taking many pictures of Canada (with dog butts).

Next set of pictures are from the Wild Animal Preserve.  As promised, we begin with the bestest pictures I ever took of an eagle.  Just ignore the fence (which made the picture possible).

 And the Dall Sheep.  I got really close-up on this guy's horns, as I thought they were pretty nifty.

And some deer.

And a musk ox.  He never actually looked at us, but the fur was pretty cool.  He looked like a baby woolly mammoth.

And an ... elk?  I think that's an elk.  (Mmm, good eatin.)

And the pretty, pretty arctic fox, who appeared to know damn well how pretty, pretty he was.

And an unexpectedly spiffy view.

Next up:  The snow sculpture contest at the Sourdough Rendezvous.

(That last one is from Alaska, which totally won.)

And finally, a few photos of where I spent several hours each night:  First, the canvas cabin where we sat waiting for the Northern Lights...

... and, last, the outhouse which was a fantastic deterrent to drinking too much tea.

I had to use a flash for that, by the way -- this is a bit closer to what it looked like at night.

Pretty inviting, huh?