Sunday, May 4, 2008

Given the last entry, perhaps they have a point

Have your friends ever told you something about yourself that you had no idea was true?

A few days ago, I was having dinner with some friends, and one of them accused me of liking "dark things."  (I think we might have been talking about Dexter at the time.)  And my immediate reaction was to think about things like Silence of the Lambs (I am not a fan) and say, "No, I don't."  "Yes, you do," they said.  One of them pointed out that I liked South Park.  ("South Park isn't dark," I thought, "South Park is disgusting.") 

For some reason, this categorization of me as someone who likes dark things stayed with me.  Like it pigeon-holed me in the same place you file people who keep random body parts preserved in jars on the shelf just because.  I do not like dark things.  I have a pink wall!  I collect Disney snowglobes!

(It does nag, just a teensy bit, that one of my favorite law school professors pretty much wrote the book on torture and I'd made a point of attending when he recently gave a brief lecture on the topic in L.A.  But that's just a fascination with the way the legal system responds when solid evidentiary proof is not easily obtainable (and a curiosity as to what he'd say about waterboarding), that's not, y'know, liking dark things.  Right?)

So, yesterday, I was out with a close friend, and ran it by her.  (OK, yeah, it came up in conversation because I mentioned how the last movie I'd seen was Sweeney Todd.  What's your point?  It was a musical, for cryin out loud.)

And she said, "Of course you like dark things.  You think they're funny."



I think I can live with that.

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rdautumnsage said...

I was asked once before why I like horror movies and books. I hadn't really thought about it, then it occured to me. When you have lived a life were sanity took a back seat to all the abuse and ugliness you endured; in some morbid way you can relate and get the horror. Then again if you think about it in almost every horror movie or book, good wins out. I kind of like that aspect that it doesn't win...(Hugs) Indigo