Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Thoughts About The Olympics

A thing I dig -- seeing the concept of "ethnic minorities competing for their countries" expand.  (And no, I don't mean people who compete for a country they don't actually live in thanks to some convenient fluke of ancestry.  I mean folks who actually live in the country for which they compete, but aren't part of the majority ethnicity-wise.)  I suppose it demonstrates a certain amount of progess, for a member of a minority to achieve that much in sport ... but I also kind of dig the idea that, back in their home countries, everyone is cheering for them, regardless of what they look like.

A thing I don't dig -- the U.S. bobsled pilot in one of them skin-tight lycra things.  Look, dude drives a mean sled, and more power to him, really.  But it looks like he's wedged his beer belly in one of those things.  I mean, this is just the stereotype of obese Americans reinforced -- if this is what passes for an "athlete's body" in this country.  (I don't mean to dwell, but I actually wondered if he got his US Olympic Team uniforms specially made.  Because I figure they make them in standard sizes, and I don't think anyone else on the team needed extra elastic in the waist.)  And, um, a word to my pals at NBC -- can we please (oh please) keep the camera above the belt when he comes back in the 4-man race?

Speaking of NBC, why is it that we saw more post-game analysis of the U.S. vs. Canada hockey game than we saw of the actual game?

I say the following with a certain amount of tongue in cheek (basically because one guy I know who switched from figure skates to hockey skates needed stitches in record time) ... but I can't be the only one thinking that when Apolo Ohno gets sick of short track, they should recruit him for ice dancing.  It isn't just the whole "Dancing with the Stars" thing -- dude's already got insanely deep edges.  (Then again, I think that's only in one direction.)

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