Saturday, August 7, 2010


It is a very sad day.  It is the day I discovered that (sniff -- it's hard to even form the words) the Rainforest Cafe discontinued their Jungle Chop Salad.

I am certain I speak for many Jungle Chop Salad fans when I say:  WTF??!!

I've gone miles for this salad.  Seriously, miles.  There's no Rainforest Cafe particularly near me.  There are two that are about 40 miles away.  So, I mean, I plan roadtrips around Jungle Chop Salads.  When I last went to Vegas, I thought, "Hey, Jungle Chop Salad at the MGM Grand!"  

What I'm saying here is:  insanely yummy salad and those bastards took it off the menu.  There is no excuse for this.  There can be no excuse for this.  (They still have all the ingredients -- as I've seen them scattered around the menu in other salads -- but could they chop 'em all up and put 'em on plate for me?  Nooooo.)

I'm considering starting a facebook campaign to bring it back, but this would require joining facebook.


peg said...

Now I have nothing to eat at Rainforest Cafe.

Bet they'd still make it for you if you asked.

Still. The injustice of it all.

Wil said...

Having never seen a "Rainforest Cafe" nor eaten a "Jungle Chop Salad" I am at an impasse.

My condolences for your loss.