Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Awesome Power of the Captain America T-Shirt

Before I forget (and before it becomes no longer timely), I must take a break to discuss the Awesome Power of my Captain America T-shirt.

As you know, the movie opened with midnight screenings on Thursday night.  My local favorite theater (the Arclight) had a Members Only screening at 9:00.  I was so there.  I was so there even before I found out about the free posters for everyone and the cap/T-shirt raffle.

And when I returned from getting popcorn, I discovered that my friend and I had won a cap and T-shirt.  Cool!  She took the cap; I took the shirt.

I wore it once over the weekend and received a lot of positive feedback (and I did a lot of marketing for the movie -- you're welcome, Marvel).  I'd be in line at a store, or getting my nails done, or whatever, and I'd invariably get, "Did you see it yet?"  At first, I didn't know what they were talking about, but then realized it was the shirt.  So I'd say, "yeah" and talk up the movie.  (Because the next question would be, "Was it good?" and I'm thinking, "If it had sucked, I wouldn't be wearing the damn T-shirt.")  

The thing ... the awesome thing ... is that the T-shirt has magical mood changing powers.  Mostly for me.  Because sometimes, when you're running around trying to get stuff done (particularly when you're about to leave the country), you can get a little grumpy -- especially when there aren't enough registers open, or they're out of whatever you went there to buy.  So, here's me, ready to lay down a dose of Grumpy Customer on someone, and they say, "Did you see it yet?" and I'm immediately transformed into Happy Movie Fangirl.  (One guy even asked me to tell him about the post-credits tag scene -- I was more than happy to oblige.)

It worked so well, I wore the shirt again today (yesterday, whatever).  And it worked again.  Not only at the store where I made a last-minute adapter-plug purchase, but also at airport security.  And I was totally in Grumpy Traveller mode -- my friend who drove me to the airport lost track of time, so was nearly an hour late picking me up, and we hit a ton of traffic, and the bozo customer occupying the one check-in desk agent was on his phone and taking way too long with his transaction -- so, by the time I finally got checked-in and went upstairs to security (where I usually try to force a cheery disposition, since I know TSA people take a lot of crap and don't really need any more), so, yeah, by then, the cheery disposition was definitely a bit forced, and all of a sudden I find myself discussing the relating merits of Captain America and Harry Potter with the screeners while I'm taking my shoes off.  And it wasn't just me making nice with the people who were going to look at fuzzy(ish) pictures of what was going on under my Captain America shirt, it was 3 summer movie fans sharing a brief connection.

I hope "Cap" would be pleased.

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