Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If it's Wednesday, it must be ... is it Wednesday?

Budapest, actually.

Today was a travel day, and a bit of a bear.  We were all kind of wiped out from Auschwitz -- either physically, emotionally or both -- so we spent most of today on our tour bus.  We started at about 8:00 in the morning and left Krakow, stopped for lunch someplace in Slovakia (our second country for the day) and ended up at our hotel in Hungary (country number three).  It was a lot of travel and a reasonable amount of dozing off.  Surprisingly (considering that we spent most of the day seated), we were all still kind of wiped out when we got here.  After a quick walk and a half-hour break to "refresh," (this company is big on euphemisms)*, we went for dinner on a cruise up (and/or down -- my sense of direction, which was never particularly good, is totally clueless at present) the Danube.

Back at the hotel, with a good solid (free) wireless connection, this seems like a good time for a camera dump.

(Well, a half hour ago seemed like a good time for the photo dump, but I had to have a twenty minute Quest for the Camera Battery Charger beforehand.  I haven't charged the camera yet this trip, and was afraid I'd left the damn thing at home.)

* New Favorite Euphemism:  Someone on the tour needed a, er, tampon.  The tour guide helped her find a drug store, and later mentioned helping her find "a make-up related item."  I shall hereafter no longer refer to "feminine protection" (which always reminds me of a little pink handgun, anyway), but a "make-up related item."

Battery now found, I'm going for the pictures.

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