Sunday, October 23, 2011

Victory is Mine!


Now that’s better.

I’ve been on cruises alone several other times. On most of those cruises, I somehow managed to get everyone to know who I am. I like things that way. (Get invited to share many other tables at dinner.)

The first time this happened quite by accident (these things usually do). The cruise ship was only about one-third full. We were out cruising the Great Barrier Reef, and I was the only one SCUBA certified. So, every time we’d get a weather report for the next day, the activities guy would tell everyone about snorkelling, and then say, “Hey, Sharon, diving looks good,” and everyone would turn around and look at me. I was “that SCUBA girl.”

I like this. I might not know everyone else, but they all have a general idea who I am. Much easier to make friends.

So, second night of this cruise, I am now officially known as (my mom will be so proud) the one who kicked everyone’s ass at “Name That Tune.”

Seriously. Pianist Guy passes out answer sheets – everyone else is all teamed up. I have no one who wants to join my team, so I figure I’ll play alone. Pianist comments that people usually come late, so they can join me. Whatever. He tells us that it’s not just “Name That Tune,” but “TV Theme Song Name That Tune.” I figure I’ve actually got a shot at this by myself.

Two games – 20 songs each. First game, we’re about 7 songs in when another couple comes in and joins me. (I have 6 of them right, at this point.) The woman doesn’t watch much TV, but the guy helps. (He gives me two I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and confirmed me on a couple I wasn’t sure of.) We end up with 17 out of 20 – a decisive victory. The couple says it was mostly me. Pianist Guy points out to the crowd that I was the one who was going to play alone, which sort of seals everyone’s impression of me as knowing Way Too Many TV Theme Songs.

Pianist guy says the second round is easier than the first. We only get 13 on that one, so I figure we’re well and truly beat. Nope … turns out we won that one too.

For winning, they gave us a bottle of champagne, in which I had very little interest, so my new teammates suggested we get a bunch of glasses and offer to share with whomever wants. A brilliant idea.

So, now I’m the one that kicked everyone’s ass at Name That Tune and shared the winnings with the other teams.

(Pianist is doing it again with Movie Theme Songs later in the week. I have been requested to attempt to defend my title.)

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