Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hi. I'm me.

I blame Facebook.

See, back when I first used AOL (aka: Internet With Training Wheels), everyone was all concerned about anonymity.  So you'd make up your cute little "screen name" and hide behind it, and never mention your real name, or where you lived, or post photos of your kids, or anything like that.  Because people could stalk you, or steal your identity, or kidnap your kids.  The internet was a scary, scary place, and we all had to take PRECAUTIONS.

Somehow, that's all changed.  Somehow, we're permitted -- even ENCOURAGED -- to use our actual identities online.  

And I do blame Facebook.

Or, rather, I think that is the actual genius of Facebook -- the thing that makes it worth tens of billions of dollars.  (At least, I think it is -- seeing as my only real knowledge of Facebook comes from The Social Network.)  But since Facebook started off as an exclusive, private in-school-only thing, everyone was encouraged to use it as themselves -- you know, like an actual facebook.  Cause it was safe, and everyone knew everyone else anyway.  Eventually, membership gets opened up to the general public and next thing you know 800 million people are their actual selves on the internet.

I mention all this because, as of today, if you put any sort of effort into it, you could pretty much find me.

See ... I'm a theatre critic -- and when I review, I review under my own name.

And the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, of which I am a proud member, has just decided to leap into last decade and start a twitter feed.  Which, of course, encouraged me to finally make with the tweets my own self. But if I'm going to actually be all tweety in a theatre sense, I have to use my real name.  And when twitter asks if I want it to link to my blog, I thought, "Hell, with it, let's go public!"

(I also thought:  Oh crap.  Did I ever blog anything bad about an actor that I wouldn't want getting back to me?  And I'm sure that if you looked closely enough, I probably did.  But, mostly, I've been very careful to not publish anything I wouldn't want to get back to me -- on the theory that, even with anonymity, it probably would.)

So, there it is.  @perlmutterS

My theatre geek self will now overlap with my regular geek self.  My universe will implode in 10...9...8...

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Lori said...

I heard the explosion from my house! Oh well, it was only a matter of time, wasn't it?