Friday, July 5, 2013


I have, indeed, injured my back.  This likely means that I'll be moving slower than my parents, who are in their 70s.  Not to mention the whole embarrassment of having to admit "er, I hurt it by plugging something in."

I cancelled the kayak trip this morning.  I honestly can't imagine myself getting into a kayak right now.  Seriously.  Forget paddling it -- just stepping into the kayak, while it's happily unstable in the water -- is beyond my abilities just now.  (Of course, paddling it is out, as rowing uses your lower back quite a bit.)

On the truly truly plus side, my journeys this morning have established I am still capable of walking -- up and down stairs as well as on streets -- which means that, unless I go and make myself worse, this shouldn't interfere with most of my other plans.  (Admittedly, though, I am rethinking my decision to leave my folding walky stick at home.)

This morning was, as anticipated, shopping time.  I ran some errands and acquired some necessary stuff (although I haven't managed a back support yet).  I'm particularly proud of myself for picking up a UK-compatible cord for my Chromebook.  (This was necessary because, although I'd brought a bunch of US-UK adapter plugs, none of them took a grounded cord.)  Some years ago, I'd gone for a random walk, and learned that one particular street was home to all the cheap-o electronics stores.  I'd filed that information away for later, and (amazingly) retrieved said information this morning, when I genuinely needed it.  Walked into one of those shops with my current cord, showed it the nice man, and ten pounds later walked out with the UK-equivalent cord in my bag.

In addition, I've acquired an autographed Simon's Cat book, lunch, and various and sundry other supplies.  I'm a bit challenged on the back brace front -- one store had a really nice one in "One Size" which, according to the package, is too big for me (perhaps it's "One Size" for men) while another store had one which would fit, which was kind of crap.  I'll do a bit more scouting on this front, but sooner or later, I'll need to just buy one.

I just came back to the flat to drop off my purchases, grab some fruit, and check the internet.  Now that's done, I'm off again!

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