Sunday, July 27, 2014

That's it. I'm taking the stairs at work.

I'm in London again!  Yay!  

And less than half a day later, I'm wearing a massive knee support.  As per standard procedure, I'm not letting it interfere with my enjoyment of my vacation, but I am annoyed that my recent attempts at regular exercise did not put me in any better shape to handle the usual complement of stairs that face one wandering London on foot.

I am kind of, y'know, wiped out.  I've been more or less awake (there was a lot of time spent "not really sleeping" on the plane) since ... well, shit, I'm too tired to do math, which should be a clue right there.  Uh, about 30 hours.

Nothing incredibly exciting to report.  I ran a lot of errands.  It went something like this:  Enter country; take train to London; take taxi to flat; check in flat; do a teensy bit of unpacking; take shower so as to feel human again; take underground to discount ticket booth; wait for slowest moving line in the history of customer service as, apparently, plenty of customers go up to the ticket booth window with questions about what to see, having failed to see the list of about six shows that they were selling; take underground to the nearest branch of my own bank (which has a fairly small London presence) so I don't get screwed on fees; stop at shop to pick up knee support and other things I've inevitably forgotton to pack); get hair blow-dried to feel even more human; realized I haven't consumed protein in at least 6 hours and decide to do something about it; take underground to dim sum place; stop at nearby store to buy the next DVD I want to watch while using the elliptical at home (lot of good it did me); consume dim sum; feel my "second wind" coming on; aim back to the flat (underground again); stop at shop to buy some food for the fridge; back to the flat to mess with knee supports; back on the underground to the hotel where my parents are staying to leave an envelope for them at the desk with stuff they'll need for tomorrow; underground for the SIXTH (and penultimate) time to see the show I'd waited in the damn line for a cheap ticket to see; and (finally) come the hell back.

I like seeing loud musicals on my first night in, so that they'll force me to stay awake.  This trip's entry in that competition is "Let it Be," which is basically a Beatles tribute band with the occasional costume change.  They were pretty good, and it served its purpose of helping keep me awake to a reasonable bedtime.

(The biggest laugh, though, was when the dudes came out in Sgt. Pepper costumes, with, like, a cardboard cutout of the album cover background behind him, and the girl behind me thought it was "Yellow Submarine."  Really.)

I have something really fun scheduled for tomorrow, but it's set to rain, so it might get cancelled.  Which would be a bit sucky, as I'm in London with my parents for basically two days, and we are each going out of the city tomorrow on our own things, but then we'll spend Tuesday together.  So if I have to reschedule my out-of-city thing 'cause of rain (while my parents are sticking with theirs), we won't be able to spend that one day together.  So, we'll have to see what the sky is up to.

Time for bed, now.

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peg said...

Hooray for London! You're getting good use out of your Oyster Card.