Thursday, December 8, 2005

Still not the Taiwan pictures

I think we finally turned the corner on the bathroom remodel. 

I worked at home today so I could babysit the cat.  And/or the contractor. 

They said they'd show at 9:00.  I, of course, woke and dressed by 9:00, and they didn't show till 10:00.  Seems they'd forgotten to buy the bullnose tile for the corners, so they had to go order it.  Eh, whatever.

So, I spent today watching them tile what will (someday) be my new shower.  Good thing I was home, as I had some decisions to make (how far to space the tiles, where to put the border).  Looks good.  (There will be photos.)  They also placed the cabinet in there, and will come in with the countertop tomorrow. 

Today was also time to address everything the inspector found -- which meant ripping out the green board on the ceiling and replacing it with drywall.  They also had to deal with the fact that the four lights they'd installed were not fluorescent, while the rule is that my primary light must be fluorescent.  They will solve this problem by tearing out the fan they'd installed two days ago, and replacing it with a fan/fluorescent light combination.  Which will be on a separate light switch.

Now, he'd already given me a bid for tearing out and replacing the wall in my other bathroom (where I'd had that big ol' leak the other day).  That wall happens to house that bathroom's really lousy fan.  Hmmm.  I can't help but notice that we'll have a perfectly good brand new fan on our hands tomorrow.  What can we possibly do with that?   Heh heh.

We should -- hypothetically speaking, if everything goes according to plan -- have nearly everything done by this weekend.

Which would be really good.  Not that I mind having the workmen here everyday; but I do think it may be driving my cat up the wall.  She spent today hiding behind the washing machine.  All day.  Poor little thing.  The sound of that nail gun must have scared her poo-less.


hewasolddog299 said...

Glad you're making progress. As to the feline - don't count on it. She's probably just contemplating the purrfect place to let loose with a megaload, just to let you know how angry her pussface really is...

And so it goes.


ravenlark2 said...

You know what they say...Payback is in this case.
Let's hope they are done soon or someone's shirt sleeve might end up looking like they got ahold of the wrong end of a weed whacker. LOL


rgwindland said...

Let the cat babysit the workmen - could get interesting. It would be at my house, LOL. Rhonda