Thursday, December 15, 2005

We're Hibernating

Despite yesterday's post to the contrary, they did not paint yesterday.  They sprayed texture coat yesterday.  In the master bathroom, which is not the one in which all the major renovations are being done.  (They just needed to retexture half a wall prior to painting.)

They painted today.  Both bathrooms.

When I came home from work, my front door was open.  (Ack.)  About a minute after I went inside (and closed the door), a certain purry little princess of my acquaintance cautiously came out from her hiding place behind the washing machine.  (She must have been back there all day.)  Upon coming out, she made a beeline for the guest bathroom.  The one with fresh paint all over it.  Including the door.  I picked her up before any damage was done.

So, I mean, there's no way to keep her from all the wet paint unless I keep her away from the whole hallway.  Only choice is to lock her in my bedroom.  I plopped her in the bedroom, and she stayed there pretty obediently.

Here's the thing about my cat -- she doesn't snuggle much, but she likes being near me.  Same room.  When I sit on the couch to watch TV, she sits on a nearby table, or curls up on the couch.  On the other side of the couch.  But if I put us in separate rooms with a closed door between us, she is Not Happy.

So... she's locked in the bedroom; so I'm locked in the bedroom.  I'm sneaking out every so often to put some laundry in the dryer (and I've gotta eat at some point), but, basically, I'm in the bedroom.  Lying on the bed, watching TV, typing on the laptop.  Jasmine is sitting on the bed, grooming.  (About a foot and a half away from me.) 

She's content; so I'm content.


blondepennierae said...

lOL  This sounds like me and my dog.  If I'm there he has to be there too.  Isn't it nice to be the source of contentment?  Happy Holidays, Pennie

swibirun said...

She's content; so I'm content

That was simply beautiful:)