Friday, February 3, 2006

4-3-2-1... insane

It's a good kind of insane, but I'm definitely headed there.

I'm what you might call "busy."  I don't think the word really explains what I'm looking at.

OK, like, have you ever ... planned a party?  For a couple hundred people?  Like a wedding or something.

I haven't.

But I am, now.  Only it's a little more complex than a wedding (in a lot of ways).  And it's happening in less than two months.  And I'm going out of town next weekend.  And there are two people on medical leave from my office.  And while my first and foremost thought with respect to those folks is that they are totally well and healthy real soon, I can't help but notice that their absence has resulted in more work for me.  And then my boss (for reasons I still don't fully understand) thought he'd be nice and volunteer that we take some more work from some of the other people.  (I keep telling him "don't worry; we'll fill the time" but he doesn't seem persuaded.)  So I just plug on through, and try to get as much done at work as I can.  But, of course, since this party planning thing involves phone calls during the day, I end up taking lunch at my desk and staying late an extra hour or so, to make sure I'm making up the time for work.  (Cause I'm all responsible that way.)

I noticed that Scalzi used my idea for the weekend assignment this week, and I haven't even had time to answer it.  My own damn idea.  You'd think I would've come up with an answer back when I suggested it -- or even when he said, a few weeks back, that he'd use it.  But noooooo.

So, I'm a little ball of stress right now.  But it's all good.

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