Sunday, March 5, 2006

Is ANYONE thinking?

Got the Oscars playing in the background.  Jake Gyllenhall just announced some tribute to "epics" in which they're showing clips of all sorts of movies (some which may or may not qualify as "epic" -- Grease?  I don't think so).  And Gyllenhall says something about how -- when you watch this montage, you'll see how you can't possibly appreciate them anywhere else but the big screen.

And while this must be mighty entertaining for the few thousand watching from the Kodak Theatre, the other (purported) millions of us watching these clips on our TVs can have only one of two reactions:

1.  It's letterboxed on my TV and it looks just fine.  To hell with seeing movies in theaters, I'm going to sign up with Netflix right now.

2.  You're right, it does look crappy on my TV.  Why are you showing me something that you know is going to look bad?  I should change the channel and watch Reba -- that's actually made for TV.

I am also extremely annoyed by the music in the background of all the acceptance speeches.  I'm used to the music as a "speed it up and get off the stage" cue -- and maybe the people in charge of this show thought that by playing through all the acceptance speeches, the winners would keep it quick.  But it's damned distracting.  If all of these presenters get to make speeches with nothing in the background, the damn winners should be paid the same respect.

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dklars said...

I agree on both points!  The music while the winners were speaking was just RUDE!