Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So. About those checks

You know, the ones that were supposed to arrive at my office via FedEx by 5:00 p.m. today?  Yeah, those checks.

5:00 p.m. today -- no FedEx.  Now, our mail sorting at the office is sometimes a little slow, so I think that maybe I'll get them tomorrow morning.

Except, when I got home today, I was greeted by a cute little FedEx door tag.  Saying that they'd tried to deliver a package to me today around noon.  And couldn't, because I wasn't there.  And they couldn't leave it.  And they CAN'T leave it (whether I sign or not), because it is marked "Unsuitable for release."  They'll be back again tomorrow to try to deliver it.

Of course, I won't be here.  Nor will I be here on Friday, when they'll try for the third time, and then return my checks to the sender.  This would be why the bank was supposed to FedEx the checks to my office.  Where I am during the day and therefore available to pick up sensitive shipments that are unsuitable for leaving at my damn door.  I was quite explicit about this when talking to the nice Customer Serivce Lady at the bank.  She even verified my office address.  All I can think of is that when she placed the order with the check company, she was so focused on getting the branch address right on the checks that she left out the little detail about sending them someplace where I could actually receive them.

New message left on her machine.  Something about how I could've gotten checks with an LA branch on them much faster if I'd just walked into an LA branch and opened a new account already.  I was careful to point on that I appreciate all the effort she has put into this and that my frustration is not at her but at the situation -- and yet, I've been trying to get non-San Francisco checks for a month now, and I'm at the end of my patience. 

Let's see what happens tomorrow.  Unless, by some miracle, FedEx shows up at my door before I leave for work in the morning, we are apparently about to commence the sixth order for checks.


yakima127 said...

Unbelievable!!!  I think I have said that before... have I?  Doesn't matter.  This situation warrants a hundred UNBELIEVABLES!!!  Good luck...Jae

hewasolddog299 said...

Is there a Banking Commisioner in the State of California? This level of incompetence deserves involvement with the faceless bureaucrats of State Government...