Friday, April 7, 2006

This week's homework: The Gift

I haven't done a weekend assignment in so long, but this one made me want to come back into the fold.

For this week's homework, Scalzi asks:

Weekend Assignment #106: Suggest a really cool birthday gift for my wife. By which I mean -- if you're a woman, what would you want for a birthday gift, and if you're a man, what would you get for your significant other?

Now, here are the ground rules:

1. Money is not necessarily an object, but, come on, be reasonable.
2. Don't suggest anything that Krissy couldn't unwrap in public.
3. Your gift idea doen't actually have to be something you can buy -- if you want to suggest something intangible, go ahead.

For my answer, I really must point out that John is asking the wrong question of the wrong people.  He shouldn't be asking us because we don't know Krissy.  Similarly, he's a bit off in looking for a gifts "for women," as it were.  The point is, the best gifts are personal ones, where you really put your mind to what it is that the giftee actually likes, rather than aiming for some generic thing that "all women" like.  John, you know Krissy isn't like all women, that's why you married her.  So apply your observational skills to the woman you decided to spend your life with, and figure out what would make her eyes light up.  You know if she's a "day at the spa" type or a "day at the track" type.  You know whether she'd like a day to herself, or a day with the family.  You know whether she's a jewelry-wearer, or prefers to go through life unadorned.  Think, man; you can do it.

Still, I'm not one to completely ignore a self-described "pathetic cry for help," so here are some ideas to get you started.

- Is this a "special" birthday?  (ending in "5" or "0") -- if so, decide whether the occasion calls for a nostalgic look back (perhaps a collection of music from when she was in High School), poking fun at her age (nothing says "Happy 40th" quite like a gift certificate for a mammogram), or an overpriced indulgence (a designer item she would never splurge on for herself).

- If she does seem to have everything, don't get her a thing.  Do that "hunt down an old friend on the internet" thing for her.  Start up a 'blog for her.  Think of a cause that's close to her heart and make a donation in her honor. 

- I have never actually used this website (so can't vouch for them), but, I've been waiting for a chance to try them out-- If it sounds like it might suit, check out  They sell historical stock certificates.  Which doesn't sound impressive by itself, but consider -- $40 buys you a real stock certificate from each of the four Railroads in Monopoly.  Or maybe the scandal set including Enron and WorldCom is more her style.  They've got a lot of stuff there, and if Krissy has a historical interest in pretty much anything, you can probably find something there that fits into it.

Best of luck, and happy birthday to Krissy.

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monponsett said...

if the birthday ends in 9, that's the year to forget.