Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Yogurt Guy Must Go!

I have a container of yogurt for breakfast every morning.  Yoplait.  (I am partial to the Harvest Peach and Blackberry Harvest, but Strawberry and Raspberry are also in my regular rotation.) 

I bring one to work every day.  Sometimes I forget, and I have to buy one at work.  This is a little annoying as the cafeteria at work charges rather more, but at least I get my Yoplait.

Until a couple weeks ago.  The cafeteria stopped carrying Yoplait.  I forgot my yogurt and had to chose between two other brands.  And I'm not talking Dannon or some other normal yogurt.  I'm talking "Driftwood Dairy" and "Yonson."  No, I hadn't heard of them either.

I bought the Driftwood Dairy (strawberry).  It was a larger container than the Yoplait and cost less -- which made me suspicious from the start.

I tried a spoonful.  Kinda gross.  It wasn't nearly as creamy as Yoplait and it certainly didn't taste as good.  I managed to get through about a 1/3 of it before I just tossed it.

I remembered my Yoplait every day since.  Until today.  (When I, for no known reason, remembered to pack my lunch and my water, but didn't throw a yogurt in there.)  So, I went to the cafeteria.  Same choices.  I picked up a Yonson (peach) and hoped for the best.  When the cafeteria lady was ringing me up, I complained about the lack of Yoplait.  She said they had a new supplier who didn't carry Yoplait.  I told her to deman Yoplait, because this stuff was crap.  She asked if I'd tried the other one.  I conceded that the Driftwood was crap, and I was trying the Yonson today (with reservations).  She said they were trying to work something out to get Yoplait back.  I left, hoping that I had done my part to spur on the revolution.

Now, the Yonson is "fruit on the bottom."  So I expected to open the container and see yogurt, then have to stir up the fruit.  (I can do that.)  I take the lid off and it's ... words fail me.  Separated.  Orange in color.  Watery with curds in it.  I show it to a co-worker.  "They don't really expect me to eat this crap, do they?"  She looks at it and gives me the "I'm not gonna eat it" face.  I take a closer look at the container.  Expiration date:  October 13.  That would be, y'know thirteen days ago.

I go back to the cafeteria.  Find the same cafeteria lady.  Point out that the Yonson she sold me is two weeks old.  She can't believe it.  Says it was just delivered on Tuesday.  She gives me my money back and I run off to my office while she hurries off to check the remaining Yonsons on the shelf.  I can only hope this little error will go on the new supplier's record.  Ha.

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helmswondermom said...

Won't be surprised if you get your Yoplait back after that!Lori