Friday, November 10, 2006

Quick Updates

So, Wil asks:

How goes the condo-selling / house-buying venture?

Any return of the pukies since her majesty went off the special diet?

And how in heck are you doing with the awards banquet?

(By the way, Wil, are you still journalling?  Ain't been receiving none of those updates from your 'blog of late.)

To answer:

1.  Slowly but, hopefully, surely.  Things were pretty dead around here for about ten days or so (no agents coming to see the place), so we dropped the price, punched up the listing, and scheduled an open house for this Sunday.

I am, apparently, a smart ass.  (Yeah, I know.  Came as a shock to me, too.)  My agent called me up to check in, and I was complaining about the lack of activity around here.  Said, "It's vewy, vewy qwiet."

So then, of course, I added, "...I'm hunting wabbits."

Silence comes down the phone at me.  She asks me to repeat what I said, "Er... never mind."

2.  Not so much, but I wouldn't want to tempt fate by even discussing it.  Actually, the special diet (for my Purry Little Princess) was not so much to prevent the cat barf, but to prevent the "inappropriate urination."  Cat barf happens.  I think it may be happening less because Jasmine has finally gotten to the point where she actually likes being brushed.  Cats are creatures of habit so we've gotten into the routine of sitting down on the couch for a brushing as soon as I get home every day.  She loves it.  Jumps on the couch waiting for me when I walk in -- even meowing at me to get a move on if I happen to stop at the phone to check my messages or something.  I don't care.  More hair on the brush means less hair in the kitty digestive system.

Have I ever told you guys my theory on cat insides?  I've discovered that a fairly good (although not foolproof) predictor of kitty barf is if, um, if I don't see any cat poop in the box the night before.  No cat poop at night puts me on "cat barf watch" the next morning.  So I figure the inside of the cat is this great big tube running from one end to the other -- if something can't go out one way ...

3.  Ah, the Awards ... Now, I do not discuss the Awards here -- for fear anything I say may come back to haunt me in the real world.  I was going to say something like "we may have a location," but even that is tipping my hand.  Oy.

4.  OK, you didn't ask, but I need to give a quick diet update -- it'll make the next entry make more sense.  Here's the thing.  Ever since I've put on the weight, I've been wearing the same seven pairs of pants (four jeans, three khakis) over and over again.  This because they are Land's End Custom Clothing (i.e. custom made to fit my big fat ass).  There's also a couple of dresses in the rotation -- but they're not regular dresses, they're "one-size-slimmer" dresses that have a built-in slimming panel (I believe the word they're avoiding is "girdle") underneath the dress.  I would call them my "fat girl" dresses, but, actually, I've got a couple other dresses (big, roomy numbers) that go by that name.  Anyway, that's been my wardrobe for some time.  Conveniently, the pants (particularly the khakis) are sliding down as the weight comes off.  I haven't bought any new clothes yet.  This because -- well, I don't want to invest in new, smaller clothes until I know the size I'm going to settle at.  (Hopefully, I'm still in transition.)  Also because I haven't been exercising -- I've only been dieting.  This means the weight has come off (about sixteen pounds! yay!) but my body has totally been left to its own devices as to where to take the weight from.  Which has resulted in certain parts of me slimming at a different rate than others.  A few weeks ago, I was in the mall and thought I'd see if I could fit my butt into a pair of Size 10 jeans.  The good news was:  I could!  The mixed blessing was:  my waist was a Size 6.  So, I mean, it's back to the Custom Jeans for me.  (I could order another pair in my new size -- but it'll take six weeks to get here...)


helmswondermom said...

You mean she didn't get the Elmer Fudd reference?!  We say "Be vewy, vewy qwiet" a lot around here.  I won't comment on too many of the particulars of this entry, because I take it you're a little superstitious and don't want to jinx anything! :)  Glad things are going pretty well for you.

hewasolddog299 said...

I am still "journaling" -- "blogging" actually. You'll find this entry
explanation for the (seeming) lack of entries -- only 8 so far in November... horrors!

By the way, not every man's ideal is Twiggy or even Tyra Banks. Reuben and Titian were on to something...

rwdykt said...

I know how you feel with the pants--I needed khakis for new part-time job today and my waist and legs are two different sizes.  They make "tall" pants but then don't accomodate the fact that a tall person is going to have skinnier legs than a petite person so the leg widths are the same around on both.  I checked.  So they fit in the waist and hips perfectly but then are huge in the legs.  At least I can take them in a little.  You might have a harder time taking in the waist of your pants...