Sunday, March 4, 2007

Yogurt Farts

Part of my eating plan involves tossing back a container of Yoplait every morning for breakfast.  (I have been doing this without fail since August.  Even when I sleep till noon.  It's still yogurt time.)

The problem -- which I have also experienced since August -- is the fact that, when you open the foil seal off the top of the container, yogurt farts right on out of it.  Generally landing on my shirt.  (Requiring application of the magic Tide Pen.)

It wasn't until last week that I really sat down and looked at the science of the problem.  The yogurt farts were occurring because of the airtight lid.  The exact mechanism (of why opening the airtight lid caused yogurt to fly out the opening with great speed and embarrassing sound effects) was unknown to me, but I was positive it definitely had to do with the airtightiness of the lid.  Because, surely, yogurt doesn't just fly out of containers of its own accord.  (Y'know.  Cause of gravity and stuff.)

I therefore began experimenting with a simple solution.  Prior to opening the lid, I punch my thumbnail through the foil, letting air come in all natural-like from the top.  (I admit, I don't think I would have thought of this solution had my thumbnail not accidentally poked through one of the little buggers in the supermarket one day.)  In any event, it works.  Poke through the lid before opening, and yogurt farts are a thing of the past.


yakima127 said...

When I first read the title, I was going to tell you it was probably lactose intolerance...and then I read the entry and realized it was the yogurt, not YOU that was having the problem!  LOL!  Thanks for the solution!  Jae

acoward15 said...

You shouldn't give the game away. If they know that you have solved the problem they will just create a new one!