Friday, March 2, 2007

Why's The Easy Mac on Sale? Oh

I like Easy Mac.  It's that version of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese you make in the microwave.  You put the Mac in a bowl with water and nuke it up, then stir in the Cheese Sauce Mix.  When I'm feeling particularly creative, I'll throw some tuna in there, too.

Sometimes, I actually have problems with it.  Depending on the bowl I'm using, it sometimes boils over and spills water all over the inside of the microwave.  Alternatively, the water bubbles around the inside of the bowl, leaving a bizarre film there that I need to wipe off before I mix in the Cheese Sauce Mix.

So, a few weeks ago, imagine my surprise when I saw -- in the grocery store -- little microwavable plastic bowls pre-filled with Easy Mac. (EasiER Mac, I reckoned.)  For these, you don't even have to bother with your own bowl.  Just fill to the "fill line" with water and toss directly into the microwave, mixing in the sauce mix afterward.  OK.  And they were on MAJOR sale.  Like a quarter each or something.  I bought about 4 of 'em.

Ate the first two, no problem.  Made the third last night.  By this time, I seemed fairly on top of my Easy Mac technology, so I didn't bother reading the label.  Just tore the lid half off, filled to the fill line, dropped the lid back down, stuck in the microwave.

Microwave stops cooking and beeps.  I reach into the microwave to grab my Easy Mac, and lift the lid off so I can stir in the Cheese Sauce.

At this point, the thousand-degree steam that was trapped inside this thing by the lid comes pouring out and burns me on the thumb.  (On the inside of my thumb.  Between the two joints.)

Now, in hindsight, I realize you were supposed to take the lid COMPLETELY off before the nuking -- similar to cooking in a bowl.  Although I do bet this is why they were on the sort of sale that suggests the product is being discontinued.  'Cause people are likely to leave that lid partially attached, and that's apparently a recipe for hot, skin-burning steam.

Went to sleep with a cold pack under my hand.  I believe this may cause problems with holding a pen, dammit.

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helmswondermom said...

Have you looked into taking some cooking lessons? lol
My kids love Easy Mac, too.  I've never tried the "easier" mac, though.