Saturday, February 24, 2007

My thieving roommate

I've lived alone for, like, ever.  OK, since about 1991.  But still.  That's long enough to get used to it.  And one of the things I'm used to is the fact that if I lose something, all I have to do to find it is retrace my steps.

So, yesterday, I lost the little bluetooth earpiece for my cell phone.  Should've been incredibly easy to find.  I remember when I last used it -- someone called me on my cell and I took the call on my sofa, using the bluetooth thingie.  When the call was finished, I should have put both bluetooth and cell phone back in my purse (on the hallway table) where they belong.  The cell phone, it appeared, was on the hallway table next to the purse.  The bluetooth wasn't.

Nor was it back on the couch.

The number of places it could have run off to on its own is exceedingly small.  Pretty much any place between the couch and the hallway table.  No bluetooth.


I have a cat.

My bluetooth earpiece is just about the size of them little toy mice she likes batting around.  Once, when I left the bluetooth unattended, it found its way under my bedroom dresser -- which is where many of the little mice end up.  It was fairly easy to find because it was flashing its blue light.

Yesterday, I did two room-to-room searches for the bluetooth.  First, I slowly carried the cell phone around my condo -- sort of like a hi-tech divining rod -- waiting for it to find the signal from the bluetooth and connect to it.  No luck.  Then I shut off all the lights and started looking for the telltale blue blinking light.  Again nothing.

My housekeeper is coming tomorrow -- I have great hopes that she'll come across the little dude while vacuuming.  Otherwise, I reckon it's behind the washing machine, and won't be found until the (happy) day when I move.

Sigh.  Can anyone recommend a cheap bluetooth earpiece?

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lanurseprn said...

I hope you find it!