Friday, December 21, 2007


As of yesterday, the work in my condo was done.  Absolutely, completely, dancing-in-the-streets done.

Today, it isn't.

I came home from work to discover that someone came into my unit today -- unannounced -- did no work I could identify, moved my piano bench to the middle of the floor, left an extension cord next to my fireplace and bent the metal plate on the bottom of my front door.

I kid you not.

The metal thingy on the bottom of the door -- that keeps drafts out -- is bent near the edge of the door.  Sorta like maybe someone with steel-toed boots gave it a good kick in an attempt to open the door.  And now, whenever you open or close my door, it makes a really loud sound, as the bent plate scrapes against the metal ... thingy that sits under the door over which the metal plate is supposed to freely glide.

So, as of yesterday, I could relist my condo as soon as I wanted.

As of today, I can't, as we now need to hunt down the moron who screwed up my door, and make them fix it.

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