Wednesday, December 19, 2007

World's Stupidest Question

You work for a contractor.  Your partner tells you to be over at the homeowner's place at 9:00.  (He and the homeowner had considered 8:30, but ultimately went for 9:00.)

You arrive at 8:30. 

You ring the bell.

A female voice yells out, pretty loud, "Wait a minute!"

You have a key.  Upon not immediately gaining entry with the doorbell, you stick your key in the lock.  You have trouble working the lock.  While you're working it, a panicked female voice yells out, "WAIT!!"

You finally get the key to work and the door opens.  You see, slightly hiding behind a door, the woman who owns the place.  Holding a towel around her otherwise naked self.

And you say ...

... "Can I come in?"

1 comment:

cyn4mc2856 said...

...and these guys have lived another day???  LOL