Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Last night, I had a really big salad for dinner, so I saved half of it for lunch today.  Before bed last night, I thought I'd make my lunch bag so that I wouldn't be rushed this morning.  I cleaned out a little tupperware container, cut up some fresh fruit in it.  Tossed my breakfast yogurt in the bag, remembered my "afternoon protein" (piece of cheese), a spoon for the yogurt and a fork for the salad.

Remembered to take the lunch bag out of the fridge this morning and took it to work.  Took my yogurt and spoon out for breakfast, and put the rest in the conference room fridge.

Here's the problem with the conference room fridge.  The judges use the conference room for lunch, so if you want to free your lunch, you have to go in before 12:00, when they're being all judicial in there.  Then you can grab your lunch and take it to the other conference room, where the attorneys and secretaries have lunch.

I was deeply involved in work today, and didn't think about lunch until 12:15.  At that point, it was too late to grab my salad out of the fridge, so I couldn't eat with the other attorneys.  I figured I'd keep working and just get it after 1:00 and eat at my desk.

Got deeply involved in work again, and at 2:00, my stomach said, "You're eating lunch NOW."  Went into the conference room.  (Someone was actually conferring in there, but I sneaked in and stole my lunch anyhow.)  Brought it to my desk and discovered ...

... I hadn't put the salad in it.

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