Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coming Clean

So, I was tipped off (by our new friend Janiece) to something called Blog Share. The concept (which I think is absolutely brilliant) is that you sign up, write an anonymous post, send it to Blog Share Central, receive in return someone else's anonymous post, and post it in your blog on Blog Share Day. In other words, you're an anonymous guest blogger at someone else's blog, while someone else is an anonymous guest blogger at your blog. You get to write something that, for one reason or another, you'd like to write, but you wouldn't necessarily want it written at your blog, where folks would know it's you. Sort of like Post Secret but on a really big postcard.

I signed up immediately. There's just so much stuff I'd like to write that would fit the bill, I couldn't decide what to write and send off to Blog Share. And then, because I'm me, I actually drafted something in which I tried to change my writing style, so that I wouldn't be recognized. (As though folks who read me here are going to go off and read every Blog Share post and try to hunt me down. Well, I hope you go off and read every Blog Share post, because I read a few from the last time this was done and they really do seem delightful.) (And there's still time for you to sign up if you're inclined to participate.)

But, here's the thing. When going through all of the random things which I could send to Blog Share, I realized that I've been holding out on you fine folks. There are definitely some things which I could blog about here, but haven't done so because they're embarrassing or silly or whatever. Well, no more. In an effort to reduce my list of Possible Things to Blog Share down to something manageable, it's time to just man up and spill. So. In no particular order:

1. Sometimes I look at my cat, and I'll be amazed that this adorable little furry being is moving around without batteries. I get all "wonder of life" about her, and then I think it's curious that I don't get that way about babies.

2. My only familiarity with current popular music is what I see on Dancing with the Stars or in TV commercials. I think Kevin Rudolf's "Let it Rock" (without the guest rapper bit) is the best song in years.

3. Sometimes I'll think, "You know, that's something I'll probably want to work out with a therapist," but I've never bothered to make an appointment.

4. You can pretty much replace "therapist" with "dentist" in the above sentence, and it will also be true.

5. There is a dress in my closet that hasn't fit in years, and has little chance of ever doing so. I keep it because it is my "lucky" dress.

6. I don't believe in fate, but I don't not believe in it either.

7. I have very flimsy curtains; I'm pretty sure the postman has seen me naked on weekends.

8. I am over 40 and still lust after cute actors. I feel better about this when I lust after actors who appear age-appropriate. (I am relieved to discover Simon Baker is just a teeny bit younger than me.)

9. I do some of my best work when I am insanely pissed off. It would be bad if my boss knew this.

10. I can't think of a tenth thing, and it's driving me as crazy Monk with a box of spilled dominoes.

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Janiece said...

My list is astonishingly short, actually.

I wonder if that's because I have a big mouth, or because I'm too simple-minded to have deep, dark secrets?

P.S. I lust after actors, too, and I am ALSO in my 40's. Hmm...Liam Neeson.