Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aside to the idiot at the Mobil station

I stop for gas on the way home.  As is my usual custom, I pull my cell phone from its car dock (I don't want a nice pretty cell phone sitting in my empty car screaming "steal me") and put it in my pocket.  Once I start fueling, I retrieve it from my pocket and start scanning Google Maps to check traffic and determine the fastest way home.

Enter the idiot ... who looks at me with shocking disapproval and says, "Tell me you're not using your cell phone."

(Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too.)

I look up, puzzled.  I give her the "What does my using my GPS have to do with you?" face.

"They're dangerous!" she says.  She's so petrified, she can't even get the words out.  "They can.... the gas fumes!"

Oh.  Got it.  "No," I politely respond.  "That's an urban legend.  They have nothing to do with it."

I'm tempted to offer to Google it right then and there for her, but she clearly won't come within 20 feet of me and my About-To-Explode Droid.

"No!" she says, stepping backwards, "You're wrong!"  She jumps in her car and speeds off, apparently hoping to outrun the explosion which will happen Any Minute Now.

(I hope she paid first.)

Hey, Lady:   Snopes.  Hell:  Mythbusters.

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Anonymous said...

You know she went home and blogged about the crazy lady at the gas station who was just about to light the place on fire with her cell phone.

I'm always surprised how many emails I get from perfectly reasonable intelligent friends and family warning about not flashing lights at drivers or abandoned child car seats on the sidewalk. I do think, however, that people should turn off their cars all the way when fueling up. (peg)