Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glad I'm Working at Home Today

There's rain.  Lots of rain.  Don't want to be outside in it.

Don't really want to be inside in it, either.

To properly understand the strength and quantity of rain falling from the sky, you have to understand my house.  To get to the front door, you walk down a little walkway.  On one side of the walkway is the (outside) wall of one of the bedrooms; on the other is the outside wall of the family room.  It's a narrow walkway (about the size of a hallway) and there's a skylight sort of thing over it, to protect you from the rain when you come to my door.

The door itself has a little sweep on the bottom, and the gap underneath the sweep is a bit too big -- sometimes, a leaf will get in there if the wind blows it just right.  I've been meaning to fix this.  But, usually, rain won't get in.  The rain would have to be pretty enthusiastic to get past the whole covered walkway and then pool enough outside the door to come in.

We have, in fact, that kind of enthusiasm.

The skylight thing has pretty much given up.  It has a few cracks in it (which are probably larger now) and, when the rain is strong (which it is) I can hear (and see) the water streaming down from it right next to my door.  So much for the walkway remaining dry.

The doormat INSIDE my house, in front of the door, is officially soaked.

It's so soaked, there is puddling beyond the doormat.  Turning the corner.  And running into the family room.

(The legs of various bits of furniture are now sitting in water.  So, apparently, is the surge protector with all my TV/satellite dish/component cables in it.  It dawned on me that I should probably turn all that stuff off.)

I've got about a half dozen towels dealing with the pooling.  I can't be positive it's all coming from the door (and not working its way through the outer walls at floor level) although, from the location of the water (near the end of the family room nearest the door and spreading away) that does seem likely.

I am also troubled by the quantity of rain on the inside of my door.  Yeah, you read that right.  The inside of my front door is streaked with rain.  Things are dry above my door -- this isn't a roof issue.  Best guess is that some of the water pouring down from the skylighty thing is making its way in via the not-water-tight opening at the top of my door, causing it to rain inside.

But, um, yeah.  This is a lot of rain.  I'm nearly out of towels.  Sort of wish I hadn't given away that wet/dry vac, as it would be the best way to get at all that water behind the TV cabinet.

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