Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Alive!

(see what I did there?)

OK, the website which has been taking up a bit more of my time is finally up and running.  So tool on over to With An Accent and poke around and see some of the work my pals have been up to.

Some of the stuff I've been working on hasn't gone up yet (I've been trying to get ahead of things so I've been pre-writing content like crazy for the past few weeks), but you'll see me represented in the theatre section (natch) with my Frankenstein review.  (You may remember Frankenstein.  It's the play I pretty much went all the way to London to see last month, and then kinda failed to review for you guys.  This was intentional -- I wrote it up for With An Accent and was just waiting for the site to launch.  On the plus side, the delay gave me a chance to update the piece with further developments just last night, so it's all good.)

ANYWAY, With An Accent is aiming to be more than just a fan site -- and is taking a somewhat different perspective on things than what you might have seen before.  I'm having a lot of fun working on it, so if you know anyone who might be interested in reading what we're doing over there, please pass along a link.

Oddly ... well, not all that oddly anymore, I'm actually writing under my real name over there.  Or, at least, my real first name.  Seems that when the internet got started, everyone was all about "screen names" and anonymity.  I think one of the big changes to the world caused by the facebook revolution is that people are actually themselves on the web.  So, in case you've missed it before (I think I sneaked it in once when you weren't looking), hi, I'm Sharon, nice to meet you.


Wil said...

Congrats on the launch of the new site. It looks good, is easy to navigate and the content is relevant without talking down to the reader. Impressive.

Lori said...

From just a quick glance, it looks like a great site. I have it on my feed now.