Monday, April 18, 2011

You got me.

Wil, eagle-eyed reader that he is, noticed my absence around here.  I guess I thought I'd sneak that by you all for another week or so.

See, whereas I've normally got two commitments which take priority over stuff I just WANT to do (like blogging ... or unpacking the rest of those boxes), I've sort of taken on a third.  I promised to write some content for another website.

Once the place is up and running, the time commitment won't be particularly major -- but getting up to speed for the launch (and having a little bit of a headstart of updated content) is taking more time than it should.  So, basically, when I'm not (1) doing my job; or (2) reviewing shows; I've been (3) writing content for the soon-to-be-launched site.  (Well, obviously, keeping my house going with things like laundry and feeding the cat have been fitting in there someplace.  But I've been getting rather more creative with my wardrobe of late, if you get my meaning.)

The good news is that, as of a couple days ago, I finished my startup obligations for the site, so I'm all set for launch (the only thing I have left is to link you all over there and tell you about how cool it is once we get it going), so I can get back to the usual juggling routine.

Meantime, I'm in Arizona right now (using my monthly "furlough day") celebrating my dad's birthday.  More to follow when I'm back home.

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Wil said...

Sorry, no intention of outing your third vocation. Good luck finishing up. I'm sure it'll be exciting, whatever it may be.