Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today, being Cesar Chavez Day, is a day off for me (being a State employee).

(Yeah, don't get your knickers in a twist about all my free days off.  I also have one (unpaid) furlough day per month, although I'm still expected to get the same amount of work done.)

Which also means that today was the day I sat down with TurboTax (and a variety of statements and receipts) to do my damn taxes.  The process took a bit longer than expected because, of course, there were a couple things I couldn't find.  (Still don't know where last year's Property Tax bill went -- good thing my bank has copies of the cancelled checks online.)

Oh, and unlike a lot of whiny tax-dodgers who don't want Amazon to collect sales/use tax, I'd really kind of like it if they did.  Because, for me to pay it (as it is owed anyway) meant that I had to add up all the money I spent on Amazon this year.  Which was sobering as well as time-consuming.  Because I've spent a pile of money at Amazon.

(And then I started thinking:  no wonder businesses are failing, because I buy damn near everything I need online.  And then I started thinking: no wonder my State has no damn money, because it is missing out on all the sales tax revenue it would be getting if everyone bought all this stuff at bricks & mortar stores.  So, yes, of course I pay my use tax.  A fact which has nothing at all to do with the fact that I want my State to do well fiscally so that it can freakin' pay me.)

But that's just missing the main point that THE TAXES ARE DONE!  There shall be much rejoicing!

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Wil said...

{Voice of Gomer Pyle} "Golleee, but you're getting as bad as I am ... almost three weeks since your last entry! {Kill VoxGP}

Seriously, as one of your oldest, loyalest readers, I do hope nothing untoward has occurred. Merely a momentary bit of ennui and writers block, no? Surely your folks or sister would post a comment here if you were harmed by the bookshelves behind your desk collapsing upon you in the latest shaky-shaky.

Just hoping you are still amongst the living...