Saturday, March 19, 2011

OK, Who Doesn't Want Me To Sleep?

Was up late last night.  Couldn't entirely be helped (OK, I was out till 11:00 -- the extra two hours watching TV and unwinding probably could've been helped).  But I'm still jet lagged so I really need to sleep a lot.

I was scheduled for a mattress delivery today.  (As I am a good American, I bought a new mattress on Presidents' Day.)  They called yesterday and told me they'd come between 7:45 and 9:45 this morning.  Yowch.

I set an alarm for 7:30 (figuring I could throw on clothes and strip the linens from my bed in 15 minutes), but also knew they'd call a half hour before coming.  Since my phone is a magicjack, it won't ring unless the computer is on, so I make sure to leave the computer on all night.

So, 7:09, I am awakened by the phone ringing.  They'll be here in a half hour.  Get up; strip linens; put clothes on.  Dudes arrive just around a half hour later.

Macy's mattress delivery dudes are all business.  Old mattress and box spring out; new mattress and box spring in.  All by 8:00.  (And they were good about not letting the cat out, too.)  I sign for the mattress, agree to give them a positive review when Macy's calls to check up ("in two or three days"), and send them on their merry way.  I remake the bed, reset the alarm for a more civilized hour (10:00) and try the mattress out.

I am awakened by the phone at about 9:45.  (Should've turned off the computer, dammit.)  It is Macy's, calling to see how well the delivery went.  (Two or three days, two or three hours -- same difference.)  I assure Macy's that their delivery guys were great.  I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

10:15.  Doorbell.  Stumble to the door and hear a child's voice.  "Who is it?"  Not a child's voice.  A man's voice.  Peephole shows me a whole family.  They want to talk to me about the Bible.  Thanks but no thanks.  They wish me a good morning and walk off.  I try to go back to bed, now for the third time.

11:00.  Doorbell again.  Really?  This time, it's window salesmen, signing people up for free estimates.  Annoyingly, I may actually be interested in new windows -- and from this company, too -- but I have a strict policy of not signing up for anything with door-to-door solicitors, as it only encourages them.  I tell him I'll call when I'm good and ready.  He leaves his phone number and a brochure at the door.

I think about going back to sleep again, but there's really no point.  Good thing, too, as the phone rang about ten minutes later.

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