Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Final Day: Food in a Box

(Aside to Wil:  Don't boys always try to sneak a peek at the girls?)

My FreshDiet delivery has never been so confusing.

Because they allow you to identify an unlimited number of things you won't eat, I've eaten everything they've sent me.  (With the exception of a couple of misdelivered onion slices and cherry tomatoes.)

Last night's delivery, though ... I have issues.

Breakfast is toasted granola with honey almond ricotta cheese.  Like most of their sauces, the ricotta comes in an itty bitty little dressing container.  Like some of their breakfasts (quantity does tend to vary), I've got a huge box of granola.  Way more than there is ricotta for.  Think of an ocean of granola with a ricotta sailboat on it.

I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to add my own milk.  Freshdiet is full service.  If there was supposed to be milk eaten with this granola, it would've come in its own (tiny, I'm sure) container.

I've googled the concept of eating granola dry.  It appears possible, although generally it takes breakfast bar form.  I'm confused, but I'll give it a go.

Lunch is ... OK, here's the thing.  When setting up my dislikes list, I confirmed that I do, indeed, like "tuna."  Of course, I was envisioning a pouch of Starkist.  When they say "tuna," they're envisioning a seared ahi filet.  I'm good with tuna; I'm not good with seared.  (Some years ago, there was a very unfortunate incident with a seared salmon filet, which ended with me driving the ol' porcelain bus.  Since then, I eat all my fish cooked all the way through.)  Now, fresh diet sent me some seared tuna earlier, but it was three tiny pieces in my afternoon snack.  I microwaved it until it was cooked through.  Slightly rubbery, but edible in small quantities.  Today's lunch is a salad -- the only protein on which is some seared (cajun) tuna slices.  I'll try nuking them into submission, but I question the tastiness of said prospect.  (And "cajun" is also a turn-off word for me, although previous cajun items from fresh diet have been remarkably tasteless.)

Dinner is good. (Pork loin with snow peas and sauteed mushrooms.)  

Which brings us to dessert.  Freshdiet encloses a menu with your food -- lets you know what you're getting and how long at which you should reheat various items.  It lists my dessert as "Pistachio crusted chocolate dipped figs."  I am confused by this.  There is no way I would have selected said item -- I would have taken a tiny cookie first.  There is also no way they'd send me said item, as both pistachios and figs are on my "dislikes" list.  I'm pretty peeved about this.  It's my very last food delivery from freshdiet and they screwed up the dessert.  

And then I opened the bag, and saw a little container labelled "chocolate-dipped strawberry" inside.  That's better.

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Wil said...

So, I too am confused. Are you retaining the food service plan or going rogue and cooking(?) your own?

But of course, all men from birth until death check out the girls and The Girls. Those with couth (and the contusions on the back of their skulls to prove it) then move on to discussions of necklaces and watches and your eyes. Only the cretins and the inebriated boors fail to raise their eyes above the nipple line. So, to drive the point home I was trying to make in the previous comment, why are you dating cretins and boors?