Friday, February 25, 2011

Confused Face

Well, if you've been following the saga of me and The Fresh Diet, you'll notice I've gone back and forth over it -- I find it acceptable when the portions are sizeable, the food is edible, and I lose weight.  I find that it blows when the portions are tiny, the food sucks, and I gain weight.

And yes, each set of three things seems to happen simultaneously.  Which is to say: there's no logical tiny portions/weight loss; big portions/weight gain thing going on here.  The weight loss or gain seems to happen wholly independently of the amount of food they give me to eat.

(And can I again add that the portions make no sense?  Seriously, what am I supposed to learn about portion control when my dessert can be:  (1)  a decent-sized piece of cheesecake; (2) a tiny cookie with four chocolate chips on it; or (3) a pineapple ring (singular) with a tiny dollop of mascarpone and a raspberry?  I'll tell you what I learned -- I learned to order the cheesecake every time it was offered.  And, when you get right down to it, I'm pretty sure "order the cheesecake" is not a lesson I should be taking away from a diet plan.)

But, I (tentatively) happily admit that my weight this morning was down to Target + 3.  That's 3.0, in fact.  Meaning that I've crossed (for two days now) the elusive T+4 barrier, and may be on the path to something in the T+2 neighborhood before this plan terminates on Tuesday.  (I say "tentatively" because this plan has yo-yo'd on me before.)  But if I end this thing with a substantial dent made in my 5.6 pounds over target, plus the discovery of a few more foods to eat (sweet potatoes = not bad), the whole experience will end up in the plus column.

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