Monday, February 21, 2011

Rethinking Food in a Box

I've been a bit grumpy this weekend, largely because of the aforementioned Food in a Box.  My weight actually went UP on Saturday -- it went down a touch on Sunday and today, and I'm right back at Target + 4.2.

Let me be clear about my target.  I have a variety of weight loss targets.  The one I'm calling "Target" is something I'd be pretty happy with.  Target + 4, however, seems to be the weight I'm able to get to and keep all by myself -- but I've been having a great bit of difficulty crossing Target + 4.  And this seems to be the same sticking point with the FreshDiet diet.

This annoys.  FreshDiet is expensive, often tasteless, sometimes leaves you hungry, and makes you eat alone.  All of these things kinda suck, but are worth it in the short term if I actually lose weight.  If my weight is going to keep doing this lurking-around-Target+4 thing while I'm on the plan, this won't give me any advantage whatsoever over what I can do myself.

I've still got more than a week to go on this here plan, so I'm still hoping it can manage to cross Target + 4 and make a decent deal of progress toward Target itself.  

Now, when I initially lost the weight, it was at a pretty steady two pounds per week.  Given my starting point last week, this is still possible, but I better start seeing the other side of Target + 4 sometime soon.

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