Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food In A Box -- Day Two

I lost .6 of a pound this morning, putting me weight at an even five pounds over goal.

Am not sure whether this is good or bad -- also not sure whether random or permanent -- but it was surprising.

(Might have been due to me eating dinner much earlier than I usually do.  Might have been due to the food, or lack thereof, from the people.  Hard to say.  Will be really interested to see what the scale says tomorrow.)

Today's food:
"Cinnamon Apple Old Fashioned Oatmeal" = Cinnamon Apple my ass.  Totally tasteless.  Filling, though -- C.
"Sloppy Joe Sub" = Actually tasty.  And bigger than yesterday's lunch.  Point off, though, for not replacing the "Crunchy Asparagus" with anything. -- B.
Snack of Cucumber and Cheese tea sandwich was quite tasty; point off for presentation (it was falling apart) -- B.
Dinner is Grilled Chicken Breast with wrong veggies and barbecue sauce.  Wasn't intented to be barbecue sauce -- that appears to be their go-to substitution for me whenever I don't like their sauces.  There is going to be a lot of barbecue sauce in my future.  

(Haven't eaten it yet.  Nor the strawberry muffin -- for which I have fairly high hopes.)

Delivery schedule, by the way, is totally random -- first night, they came well after I'd gone to bed; second night, they came pretty early (by 9, I think).  Tonight ... nearly 11 and no food yet.

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