Monday, February 7, 2011

Last Day in Tahoe

I am a wuss.

I hurt my back yesterday.  Didn't say anything about it at the time, because of the phenomenal wussiness of the move and because I figured I'd be okay after a night with a ThermaCare wrap.

Did I hurt my back skating?  No.  Tubing?  No.  Hauling my tube up to the top of the big hill?  No.

Did I even hurt my back carrying Jacob's car seat back up to the room?  (This would have been embarassing, because they asked me if I was sure I could carry it, and I said, yes, I'm tough.)

No.  I brought the car seat up and set it down with no trouble.  I went into my bathroom and used the toilet.  I stood up from the toilet, turned slightly sideways, and BAM, wrenched myself.

Yes, I hurt my back going to the bathroom.  Those urinating injuries -- gotta look out for them.

I pay attention to this particular injury, as it's very likely a replay of an older one -- which hasn't reared its ugly head in years and years, but I recognize it and know it as one of those injuries that I have to be careful of -- I've stopped skating because of it several times in the past, and it was certainly going to stop me from getting on the ice again today.
Instead, I got a massage.  :)

(Had been considering one anyway, but it seemed like a perfectly good sedentary activity for the day.  Even though I would have preferred being active.  Really.  Peggy was skating today and I would've liked skating with her, but I would be really ticked at myself if I genuinely injured myself -- and, given how poorly I skated the other day, I suspected that was a possibility.)

So, it was a pretty low-key day.  Lots of sitting around, reading.  We went outside and made s'mores in the firepits, and I washed 'em down with some hot chocolate (which unfortunately, I spilled down my sleeve -- my down parka is now spinning in the clothes dryer) -- the men had hot chocolate with vodka, which was probably even more warming.

Nice part of the vacation.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Ireland vacation and had actually been hoping for this to be another activity-every-day trip, because (to my great surprise) I'm actually HAPPY when I've been active and like going to sleep feeling that Good Kind of Exhausted.  But I also like sitting around a nice fire, with a nice hot beverage, talking with friends....

... about our next vacation.

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