Friday, February 18, 2011

Yet More on Food In A Box

I'm becoming a bit more positive on FreshDiet -- largely because the scale had good news for me this morning (Target + 4.2), but also because of a couple discoveries I've picked up along the way:  (1)  Sweet potatoes = tasty; and (2)  Pork cutlets = also tasty.  (Growing up in a kosher home, pork wasn't really a go-to food.)  But I am, at this moment, chowing down on my dinner of "Braise pork cutlets [yes!  there's two of them], rosemary carrot mash, and cider baked sweet potato with red currants," and it's actually delicious.  The appearance of this stuff -- given as you get it in little reheatable microwave trays -- makes me feel like I'm eating airplane food.  But it's a good, filling meal, and (so far, at least) it seems to be doing the twin jobs of kick-starting the diet, and getting me eating less processed stuff, so I'm genuinely pleased.

It is not a good long-term solution.  I mean, I passed on the standard Friday lunch with my workmates at the restaurant across the street, and had to pass when the friend I'm meeting for a movie tonight asked about dinner as well.  FreshDiet pretty much sucks from the perspective of your social life, as, unless you happen to be in a BYO situation, you're gonna be eating alone.  (It does allow you to stop delivery for any particular day -- but you've got to do that 72 hours in advance.)

So, yeah, finishing up my yummy pork, off to the movies, and I have a dessert of (what purports to be) raspberry cheesecake waiting for me.  If I continue losing weight at the current rate, I will be genuinely thrilled with the experiment.

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