Monday, March 7, 2011

And speaking of boobs....

(Were we speaking of boobs?)

I just read a random message board post from someone asking if it's ever appropriate (say, in a workplace situation) to compliment a woman on her chest.

Now, the kneejerk reaction here is "no."  (And to knee the jerk...)

And yet.

I was instantly reminded of 1992.  I was clerking for a judge.  Sharing an office (in the judge's chambers) with my co-clerk, Mike.

So, one day, I was sitting my office wearing a sweet Laura Ashley dress. It was a pretty conservative style, but the bodice was kinda tights.  So, here's me, talking with Mike.  I lean back in my chair for a nice stretch and a button on the top of my dress just flies right off, revealing my bra.  I'm mortified.  (And hoping like hell the judge doesn't come in.)  It was one of those dresses that conveniently came with spare buttons tucked into the hem, so I begged a needle and thread off the judge's secretary and got to mending.  Meantime, I haven't said anything to Mike and I couldn't meet his eyes.  Clearly, there's tension in the room and I have no idea how to regain my dignity.  And then he says...

"Nice hooters."

Totally cracked me up.  While in any other situation, it would have been a very wrong thing to say, in this particular situation, it was absolutely the perfect call.  

Just goes to show, there's a time and place for everything.

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