Sunday, May 22, 2011

This changes everything

Am posting from my cell phone, so apologies in advance for when it fails completely. I'm using swype, too. Swype really does change everything, as it is the first thing that makes me think I can possibly do without a physical keyboard on my next phone.

This opens up all sorts of possibilities for the aforementioned next phone (which I am thinking about a lot on account of the current phone doing the planned obsolescence thing a few months before my New Every Two discount kicks in.) If I needed a keyboard it would be down to the Droid 3.  But of this swype thing works out, I can go for any android phone verizon carries.

Which would be really cool except, amazingly, they don't appear to be coming out with a phone with all the features I want. (Wish I could buy a phone the way you buy a computer from Dell, picking exactly the specs you want.  Yeah, that'd be cool.) So now I'm spoiled for choice and still don't know what to choose!

(Ooo, play is about to start. Let's see if this can post.)

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