Thursday, October 18, 2012

Duly Arrived

Man, I'm wiped.

We got to Rome last night, without any major incidents.

The minor incidents included my cell phone going wacky with Verizon's automation sending me about 40 message-less text messages (getting rid of them got rid of my e-mail accounts, with no way to reload them -- so I made the executive decision to switch mail apps from the middle of Heathrow) and our flight to Rome being delayed.

We spent the night at the airport Hilton -- the location of which was a bit exciting, as the key sign is located behind a door, so you can't see it.  The hotel was also crazy overpriced -- they wanted 27 Euro a day for internet access (which is why I didn't blog last night) and my $20 hamburger wasn't all that tasty (but, at that point, I just needed the protein).

At the airport this morning, before heading off to Palermo (Sicily), I found a Swatch store, so scored a new watch battery.  The flight to Palermo was short, but partway through it, my sugar high from the chocolate croissant I'd had for breakfast started to wear off, and I started dozing. 

I'm in the hotel in Palermo, now.  I'd like to say something terribly observant and/or witty, but even after lunch (a salad of rice, julienne carrots, peas, corn, and itty bitty pieces of tuna -- I call it a "carb salad"), my energy is still so low, I can barely sit up.

The tour we're with has a cocktail reception before dinner tonight -- alcohol, yeah, that'll wake me up.

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