Friday, October 19, 2012

That Better Be Paint

This is a picture of a wall in my hotel room:
This is a close-up of the same wall:
Observe the dark red specks.  They're not just on that wall -- they're on all of the walls of my room.  A fact which I find only slightly troubling.  More troubling is that nothing is painted red in here.

(A fact which readers may find troubling is that, when I first noticed the dark red drips on my wall, my first thought was that the splatter pattern is wrong for it to be blood.  Yes, I know what a blunt force trauma and gunshot splatter patterns look like.  Doesn't everyone?)

I ultimately concluded that it isn't likely to be blood -- on the basis that I'm in Sicily and I would imagine that someone on this island would have mastered the art of cleaning up unfortunate blood spatters.



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