Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cats: Pretty Damn Smart

So, I take the cat to the vet yesterday, for the follow-up urine sample.  The vet cannot take said sample because the well is dry.  Says I have a choice between leaving the cat there all day and bringing her in on another day.  If I choose the latter course, I am advised to not let her use the litter box in the morning, so she'll have a full bladder when I bring her in.

I point out that if I don't let her use the box, she'll just pee on my bed again.  Using the box is something to be encouraged with this cat.  So, I agree to leave the cat all day.

In the afternoon, I go to pick up my "cat carrier full of angry."  And she is.  Growls at me all the way home.  "Left me at the freakin' vet all day," she seems to say, "I'll get my revenge on you."

I get home and, in the interests of family harmony, open her carrier just as soon as I'm inside the door.  Cat scampers out and makes a beeline down the hall and comes up short right outside my bedroom door (which I'd had the foresight to close, in anticipation of this very moment).  Cat stalks off.

Now, you can tell me that she was heading for the bedroom in order to hide in the closet or one of her other places of safety, but there is no way I'll believe she was planning to do anything other than jump up on my bed and urinate in retaliation.  No. Way.

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