Sunday, December 29, 2013

Late-Night Addenda

Three in the morning and I am awake.  This time, it is most certainly related to it being cold in the bedroom, and I am willing to concede a certain amount of jet-lag because my mind is annoyingly racing.  Part of this is because I forced myself to go to bed around 11:30, which is difficult for me to do even in LA, as I generally stay up until 2:00ish (when I'm pretty much too tired to think, come to think of it).  But, anyway, I forced myself to bed at 11:30 and, time and climate being what they are, I'm quite awake now, so I figured I'd make the best of it and write some stuff down -- and apologies now if it makes no damn sense because 3:30 blogging is probably about as stupid as drunk tweeting.

ANYWAY, I need to add a bit to the story about the Privy Council chamber at Hampton Court, because (while asleep) I managed to put together a few random puzzle pieces of the day and conclude that we probably weren't supposed to be in the Privy Council chamber at all.  The audio guide had said to go in through the door to the chamber, "listen to a debate" in there, and then leave.  The problem with this was a guard was standing outside the closed door.  I was about to ask the guard what was up, when he approached me and asked the time.  I told him the time and, about a minute later, he made an announcement to the room that the King was going to appear to head off into the Great Hall to do something important and we should all go if we wanted to hear.  (Sorry for the lack of detail.  At the time he was making the speech, my mental translating circuits instantly changed it to:  "The reenactor playing the King is going to go into the Great Hall and do something to entertain all the kids who were being prepared for his visit back when I was in the Great Hall.  Hopefully, this will siphon off a bunch of the tourists from the line to get into the Royal Pew, and make the reproduction-crown-viewing easier for me.")  The point:  Guard announced the King; a curtain right next to the door he was guarding opened and the King appeared from the room.  Guard and King went off to the Great Hall to be re-enacty.  Curtain to Privy Council chamber (which, I'm guessing, had been used as the reenactor's Green Room) was now invitingly open, and nobody was there to tell me to stay out.  So I peeked in.  I noted the displays which were supposed to be an exhibit of some sort, but they were clearly off (I now realize they were where the debate was going to come from) and overheard another tourist say the Privy Council chamber was closed today.  (It ain't that closed, lady, we're standing in it.)  So, in retrospect, we probably weren't even supposed to be in there, but I kind of led the charge and opened the place up.  Heh.

Not only did my sleep-deprived-yet-racing brain put together the events of the day (as it is supposed to), it also fixed my dream.  Seriously.  I woke up having had a dream, and (as per standard operating procedure) I was forgetting it, so couldn't tell you about it if I tried.  But I remembered being disappointed in how someone acted in it, so I thought myself an epilogue to explain away the bad behavior and make everything OK.  Yes, I know, it was a dream; none of it was real -- but, for some reason, it seemed important enough for me to actually think up a way to end it in order to feel better about the people in it.  This is apparently how I work.

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Lori said...

I do the same thing with my dreams sometimes. And I do that more and more often as I get older.