Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Waiting for telly

Somewhere between booking this trip and getting on the plane, I read a weather report.  From that moment on, I imagined that, on this trip, I'd be wandering the streets of London in the cold and wet and dark.  Yes, dark.  Now, obviously, there is such a thing as daytime, but I'd envisioned it being so yucky weather-wise, there would be no natural light.

Today was pretty much that.  I didn't really get out of the flat until after noon (after one, if I'm being honest), and the sky was so dark, you would've thought it was dusk.  I made my way to the theatre for today's show -- the wind was umbrella-flipping-inside-out bad, so I just relied on my hat and hood -- and the streets were largely deserted.  (I figured this is what London looks like hungover.  To be fair, it was hungover on a day when most people probably didn't go out if they didn't have to -- and few had to.)

The show was a musical of From Here to Eternity.  

OK, I just said the title and you just got a mental image.  Now ask yourself:  "How are they going to put that on stage?"  The question didn't actually cross my mind until such time as that scene started, and I thought they did a reasonable job of it, considering that they didn't actually have a beach, or ocean waves.  I thought they were rather more effective in portraying the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Still, marks for stagecraft.  In a lot of ways, it was an old-fashioned musical.  You've got your main couple, your secondary couple (although which was which is a matter of some debate), your comic relief, and (perhaps most importantly) a big old chorus -- I counted about 12 soldiers and 10 working girls -- just singing and dancing their butts off.  (And, yes, this show was rather more gender-equal in terms of attractive folks in various states of undress.)  All around nicely done.  The show is closing in April, and I do think that (with a few tweaks), it could probably run on Broadway.  (This was the ... what? third show I've seen this trip with questionable American accents.)

Went for some dim sum at a favorite dim sum place (more accurately "stuffed my face with honey roasted chicken puffs") and wandered back to the flat for an early night and the Sherlock season three premiere on TV.  (Squeee.)

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