Friday, August 1, 2014

Let's Try That Again

New hotel.  Better Wi-Fi.

Cliffs of Moher:

View toward O'Brien's Tower:

Proof I was at O'Brien's Tower:

And (yes!  thank you!) Portal Tomb at the Burren:

Today was nothing particularly photo-worthy.  We started out early, said our farewells to the Hotel Of the Crappy Wi-Fi, and drove off to a dairy farm where we met the local farmer, learned of his (and his family's) story (several generations of Irish farmers), and ate lunch in his house.  He was a great -- and amusing -- storyteller.  What was particularly funny about his storytelling was that it was absolutely word-for-word scripted, but he delivered it as though he was just recounting events.  But, every so often, someone would throw him off with a question or comment, and he'd ask, "Where was I?"  Then he'd just repeat the last line and move on.  Except, once, he thought he was earlier than he was, and actually repeated, like, a whole paragraph of story.  It was here when we realized he was totally scripted.  Still, it was a good script.  And he had neat visual aids preserved, like the old (very) manual Singer sewing machine on which his mom had made all his clothes, and the receipt for when his dad paid off the farm in 1961.  Cool.

Post farmer, we drove over to Killarney, and did a tour of Muckross House, an old stately home (some of the decor dated back to the Victorian era).  No photos were allowed in there (and it had seemed way too weird to take pictures in the farmer's house when it had been, y'know, his house -- he pointed out the bedroom in which he'd been born), so no pics from today's journeys.

We are, however, in a really lovely hotel & spa.  Here's a photo from my room -- I'm looking out the window to my balcony, and the view beyond.

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