Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ring of Kerry

My mother was excited that this trip included the Ring of Kerry, as everyone who goes to Ireland seems to speak highly of it.  I, on the other hand, was pretty sure I'd already been to the Ring of Kerry, but couldn't even remember what it was.

What it is:  a circular-ish ring road connecting various towns, views, and rest stops.  A tourist road, basically, covering a lot of ground.  

This morning, we got on it.  There were photo stops and a lunch stop and (I am pleased to say) a not-entirely awful picture I took out the window of the moving bus.  The pictures look like this.  Very Ireland.

(Argh.  I was just emailing someone about how my whole photo uploading system was going well ... and then I uploaded these five photos twice and only ended up with one of them each time.  The hell?)

OK, we're re-uploading.  Sooner or later, I have to give up, as I have to wake up damn early tomorrow.  (But I'm so close -- only one pic left to go.  With a "server error."  I'm starting to think the problem might not be the Wi-Fi, but perhaps google/picasa itself.)

ANYWAY, the folks on the tour with us seem pretty nice.  Most are retired (and there's a suspiciously large number of hearing aids on the bus) but, since several of them rather adorably think I recently graduated, it's hard to not like them.  There's one woman who can't quite stop herself (or doesn't try to) from reacting emotionally to, y'know, everything.  She's one of those Southern types who says things like, "Oh my stars" a lot, and is way too impressed by all the sheep.  I told her that, on my last trip to Ireland, everyone takes pictures of sheep on the first day, but, by the third day, we're all pretty immune to the charms of our woolly friends.  She looked at me with what was either disagreement or disbelief.  I guess she thinks of sheep the way I think of adorable kittens.  (But, y'know, kittens are cute!  Sheep are ... sheep.)

Eh, screw it.  I got two more of the pictures.  This next one was the one out the window of the moving bus.  I'm rather proud of it.  I was trying to catch the reflection of the sun on the water (it was very sun-dappled), but I think the sky turned out to be the real star of the photo.

And, that's basically it.  :)

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