Saturday, April 9, 2005

Be honest. How far have you gone?

When I'm out of toilet paper, I use Kleenex.

When I'm out of Kleenex, I've been known to use napkins.

When I'm out of napkins ... well, I would probably go to paper towels, but I've never actually had to find out.

How far down the list of Toilet Paper Substitutes have you gone?


annalisa135 said...

LOL!  The questions you come up with, I tell ya!

I have to admit that I've done the same thing you have, not a thing different.

T.P, then Kleenex, then napkins.  (worse comes to absolute worst and I dig out those sandpaper napkins that I save from the fast food places -- believe me, if nothing will get me to the store, those things will!)  :-)

olddog299 said...

I buy TP by the case, now.

Leaves. Camping.
Paper towels at home - because I don't use paper napkins at home, so that wasn't an alternative ;)

mutualaide said...

Even used paper towels as needed....usually in a public restroom.  Leaves, grass and wet wipes!  You ask the silliest questions. LOL

andreakingme said...

Yo! Kleenex.