Monday, April 18, 2005

It's a space heater!

In the comments for the photographic entry just two entries down from here, I was asked (twice!) what that white item on the dresser is.

Surprising that, with all the fascinating stuff in the curio cabinet (is that a fan?  Yes, it is) you'd ask about something as exciting as a space heater, but, there it is.

My bedroom window is huge.  (The photo shows only two panels of shutters -- there's a total of four panels.)  And cold air gets in there.  And, seeing as the bed is near the window, it's pretty cold at night.  I keep the space heater blowing a nice warm stream of air between the window and the bed, and that pretty much does the trick.

Well, it did the trick until I went out and invested in the shutters -- which (when closed, obviously) do a good job of keeping the cold weather out of my warm, cozy sleeping environment.

However (no story is simple in these parts), I sleep with the bedroom door closed, and the central heating circulation isn't the best.  So, sometimes I use the space heater to warm my room rather than cranking the central heat up to 90.  Seems a more efficient way of heating the space.

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andreakingme said...

That's pretty funny ... that someone asked what that curved white thing was after I'D just asked and you'd just answered! Ah, you're a good egg, NZ. (I'm feeling like a deviled egg at the moment. Can you tell?)

I have a fan, too. It's a knick-knack thing with this heavy metalish base, not something a perspiring couquette would ever had held. Alas.

My mom just got one of the Bose stereos -- those pipsqueak boxes that put out stereo speaker sound. That's what I thought your little white dude was. Never woulda thunk it was a space heater!