Saturday, September 10, 2005

I call Foul!

On Labor Day, I went to the mall with a friend--

--I went to the mall because my favorite tea shop was going out of business.  I am still crushed by this.  Perfectly good little tea room inside a shopping mall.  Great place to stop in the middle of a shop-fest and just relax with a nice cup of tea.  And scones.  They had these white chocolate raspberry scones that were to die for.  Oh man.  I ate four of them on Monday.  Just because it was my last shot at 'em.  Stupid raised rents at the stupid mall stupid driving my tea shop out of stupid business.  Grrrr--

So, anyway, we went to the mall to bid farewell to the tea shop and do a little shopping.  Y'know, since we were there and all.  (D'you see that, stupid mall management?  See how the tea shop attracted people to the mall who would then spend money at other stores?  Stupidheads.)  And I happened upon a really nice autumn suede skirt.  (I've been looking for one ever since I settled for that faux-suede one from the ... unusual company back in January.)  So I bought this really pretty tan colored suede skirt.  Yay.

And when I got home, I realized that what it really needed were some nice brown boots to go with it.  So I went online at Zappos -- the great online shoe store with free shipping and free returns -- and found the perfect pair of boots.  Leather.  Low heel.  Knee height.  Not outrageously overpriced.

The boots arrived the other day.  I eagerly took 'em out of the box, removed the tissue paper and those odd little plastic inserts they stick in your shoes, and slipped my feet in.  It felt all nice and comfy in there -- ah, a perfect fit.  Nice to know, I thought, that however much my clothing size fluctuates, my shoe size remains the same.

And then I zipped them up... about three inches shy of the top.  The zipper refused to proceed any higher.

Yes, I have apparently discovered yet another place where I store theextra weight -- in my calves.

Not fair!  Not fair!  Not fair! 

(And now I can't even have another scone to console myself.)

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grodygeek said...

Boy do I sympathize here. One more tea or coffee shop closes and five more bloody StarF*cks open up around the corner if they already haven't.

In fact I stopped in a little shop on my way to work. Bought a big cup and left a buck in the jar too. I was talking to the owner about cold brewing and he says most people that do that, never come in again. I asked him then where would I buy beans of quality then freshly roasted and ground?

We have to support those little shops that we so need for diversity. Way to go NZ.

Sorry about the calves thing. Don't become a cyclist. They'd only grow bigger still with any hill climbing at all.

the cycling curmudgeon