Monday, September 19, 2005

.Please Stand By

I usually don't go nearly a week without an entry, but I'm experiencing technical difficulties.

To wit:  my cable modem is down.  Has been -- on and off -- since Thursday.  Actually, at a particularly frustrating time, it conked down about halfway through something I was posting.  (Conveniently, I was writing it in MSWord, so I didn't lose it.  Let this lesson be a gentle reminder -- if there's any doubt with your connection, compose in a word processor.)

ANYWAY, the cable modem people gave me the first available appointment -- which is THURSDAY.  Sigh.  Indeed, the only reason why I'm able to post right now is because I have a wireless card and some of my neighbors don't have secured networks.  Thank you, kind neighbor, whoever you are. 

Still, while I don't feel real real guilty about riding off a neighbor's connection for ten minutes after midnight just to tell everyone that I'm alive, I do feel like I shouldn't take advantage of the guy and use the connection for all the updating I need to do.  I'm just nice that way.

So, I've got a big stack of topics I intend to write about ... like how I just purchased a scale and how that has messed up my life; or how (when I was a kid) I told my parents I wanted to be a truck driver when I grew up; or even a big ol' toldyaso that "House" won the Emmy for Best Writing (for the episode called "Three Stories"); or to do that "seven things" thing that Wil called me out on; or the vacation I'm about to take this Saturday.  So if I get my connection back before I leave, I'll try to update.  If not, just know that I'm ok, even though my modem isn't.

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dklars said...

Withdrawals!  Email me if you get the DT's and need me to talk you through them.  LOL  ~~Kath~~  PS  Oh... I guess you couldn't email me... to just stay calm and you'll get through them.  Don't hold any hot beverages during a particularly violent episode though.  Ouch.   :)